13 Must Have Apps for College Students

Here are 13 apps that every college student should download!



  • Quizlet - An electronic flashcard app that gives you different activities and methods to help you memorize things.


  • Evernote - This is a really helpful way to organize your notes. It's essential if you always take your notes on your laptop.



  • Google Maps - Especially if you're an out of state resident and know nothing about the city that you now live in, Google Maps is an essential for knowing how to get around.
  • Uber / Lyft - Another essential if you’re not fluent in the bus system, these are two different apps that are both really simple ways to help you get around the city. If you're more into public transportation the TriMet Ticket  app might be the perfect choice for you.



  • Rain Rain - In this app there are many different natural sounds to choose from. I love to use this app to drown out people talking around me, while still not being distracting like sometimes music can be. 


  • Forest by Seekrtech / Pops - Both of these apps are for my phone addicts out there. If you are constantly distracting yourself with social media and other things on your phone and are lacking motivation, both of these offer rewards for getting your own work done. Pops is more of a coaching app and Forest is where you're able to grow plants and eventually a whole forest just by being productive.



  • Venmo - This I’ve found, is a college necessity, especially since no one really carries around cash anymore, your constantly taking Ubers with friends, or going to events or out to eat. It's a great way to pay your friends back or even pay for other things in general.


  • Everydollar - If you constantly feel like you don’t know where your money is going I highly suggest this app to help you budget and save your money.


  • Plant Nanny - much like Forest, this app lets you grow your own plants just by accomplishing your goals. This app tracks your water intake throughout the day and keeps you on top of staying hydrated in the cutest way. 


  • Clue - This is a really helpful period tracker. This app lets you track your emotions, exercise, skin, birth control regimen and all sorts of other things. It even lets you track your friend's cycle! This is more than just another period app, and if you don’t already have one I highly suggest this one.