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Tips For Eating Healthy While At School

It’s that time folks! Students are headed back to school, which means back to bad eating habits. Whether it’s being a “broke college student” or it’s the convenience of grabbing something easy and unhealthy before or between classes, the typical college student eats horribly. Here are a couple tips for eating healthy at school.

Meal Prepping

One way to eat healthy is to meal prep! Just pick a meal and cook enough of it for the week. This way when you need to eat all you have to do is pull it out of the fridge and heat it up! My meal of choice is grilled chicken breasts and fajita veggies!

Protein, Protein, Protein

This is an important one! Most people don’t get enough protein. This will cause you to be tired and not be able to focus as well. You can max out on protein by picking a protein powder and making protein shakes! I personally use an organic rice protein powder. Also choose high protein meals, like red meat and some kind of bean. Getting enough protein will keep you from reaching for the unhealthy snacks!

Don’t Get Sucked in by the Dining Hall

This is one I struggle with. Going to the dining hall for dinner is easy. Someone else is cooking for you and you can use your meal plan. Also this is one of the only options for many students; however, there are ways to get around eating unhealthy in the dining hall. Choose salads without the dressing, choose water instead of the Coke, and just SAY NO to the unlimited ice cream.

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