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The Perfect “I’m in my Feelings” Poetry Books

Have you ever had a heartbreak? Maybe you feel insecure and nobody understands your emotions? Maybe you are just in a mood or want a good read? Poetry books are the answer. In these books you are able to go inside of the mind of each author and understand what their pain is. Sounds odd, right? It is actually brilliant.

1. Milk and Honey

    One of the most beloved and famous poetry books, milk and honey, is written by Rupi Kaur. It is filled with her stories about survival, heartbreak and positivity in the female community. This book is perfect if you are in the midst of a breakup. There are four categories including the hurting, the loving, the breaking and the healing.This book will take you through a step by step journey to find your happiness.

2. Bitter Sweet Love

    If you are in the mood to cry about not having a boyfriend, this book is for you. Bitter Sweet Love is written by Michael Faudet. You can easily find yourself deep in your emotions as he speaks about females and what he loves about them.

3. Eighteen Years  

 Eighteen Years is a collection of poems written by Madisen Kuhn. She categorizes her poems in seasons, starting in winter 2013 and ending in spring 2015. This book is perfect if you spent years falling in and out of love. It shows that your emotions are valid and it is okay to hurt.

4.  7,300 Days

    Written by Isabella Mente, 7,300 days is a poem book that is meant to represent the past 20 years of the author’s life. This book is the perfect representation of growing up and finding your purpose in life. It reaches the corners of depression but also gives you a sense of hope. It shows you the raw truth that we all need in the time of feeling alone.

Poetry books are perfect whenever you feel empty and need reassurance. Do not forget that it is also okay to seek help if you are not happy and need someone to speak to about any current situation. Writing and reading is a huge coping process that is highly recommended, but nothing beats some good old fashion venting.

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