How to Look and Feel Your Best – Besides Working Out

Every year when spring rolls around, and the weather is warm enough to expose a little skin, there are two words that come to mind for a lot of people: bikini body.  While some people scoff at the idea altogether and return to eating their pint of Ben and Jerry’s, it’s fair that some people want to start working out right away.  There are, however, a lot of other factors in feeling healthy and looking good.  While some things may seem more obvious than others, like eating right and exercising often, a well-rounded lifestyle is extremely important!

Stay Hydrated!

Drinking a lot of water during the day holds many benefits for the body other than quenching a thirst.  Staying hydrated throughout the day can help with fatigue and that sluggish feeling you get after your second hour and 15 minute lecture.  It can help you avoid reaching for another cup of coffee, a major diuretic, and also help with your wallet.  Drinking a lot of water is also good for your skin, keeping your complexion clear and healthy.  It’s a major help for people with seriously dry skin.  Water can also boost your metabolism.  Drinking a warm cup of lemon water in the morning is the best way to start feeling awake and energetic for the day.  That can be a huge help during the cold winter months.

Avoid the Shampoo

Okay, so showering on a daily basis and staying well-kept in general is obviously an important part of life, but shampoo can do some serious damage.  Most people who work in professional hair care recommend avoiding washing your hair on a daily basis – usually every two to three days is good.  People will often argue that they simply can’t do that because they have naturally greasy hair.  This is not the case! The reason that people find their hair to accumulate oil so quickly is because it’s the body’s natural way of protecting hair.  Every time you wash your hair it strips away the natural oils, so your body will want to replace it at a faster rate.  If you wash your hair less you will notice the oil becoming less and less present. 

Washing your hair less really helps with avoiding dryness and hair damage.  You won’t feel the need to get your ends trimmed so frequently and the natural oils in your hair will keep it feeling silky instead of dry and brittle.  Of course, nobody wants to leave the house with dirty hair, so using dry shampoo or baby powder will help keep the volume and clean shine of your hair.  

15 Minute Meditation

No matter what year you are in college, life is pretty crazy.  Between classes, studying and extracurricular activities it’s sometimes hard to remember breathing.  On stressful days like that, or when you know you’re going to have a crazy week coming up, taking a little bit of time to meditate can really help you keep calm.  That doesn’t necessarily mean putting on yoga pants and laying out a yoga mat in a room full of natural sunlight and plants.  It could simply mean sitting on your bed with your eyes closed for 15 minutes, or sitting with a latte in a coffee shop free from your phone or any other normal distractions.  Clearing your head of any major thoughts or worries can really benefit your mental health, which is just as important as physical health!

Minimize the Alcohol Intake

Okay, as a college student this one can be a little bit harder.  Sometimes the scariest thing that you can possibly do is show up to a party completely sober, but drinking too much can affect your wellbeing.  Alcohol has a lot more going on than most people would think about.  Drinking beer is like going on a carb frenzy while wine is basically a sugar bomb.  And the shot pitchers at Hems? A natural disaster in your stomach.  It’s fun to go out and have a cheat day, but doing that too often can have long lasting effects on you.  It’s pretty clear that cutting out alcohol is a huge plus when trying to lose weight, but it also helps with performance in general.  Drinking alcohol three nights a week can seriously hurt your athletic ability as well as academic performance - not to mention the obvious effects on your liver.  A wicked hangover will make you feel sluggish and prove just how dehydrated you left your body the night before.  While it’s fun to just let loose and have fun, limiting your crazy nights can benefit your health in a variety of ways. 

It’s important to stay in shape, eat healthy and have a well-balanced lifestyle, but you still have to remember the small stuff! If you’re a gym fanatic who keeps a strict routine but still feel like you’re dragging your feet, try some of these tips to get an extra boost in your body! 


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