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The advent of second semester begins the official countdown to spring break. The only problem is the daily reminder that there is one less day to turn your recently hibernated body into one worth flaunting in a bikini. Personally, I’m the girl who so rarely goes to the gym that I have to Google “how to work elliptical” on my iPhone while pretending to choose the flavor of my protein shake—and I know I’m not alone in this. I have spent hours pouring over pages of search results, desperately scanning for the most realistic and simple exercise videos so us gym-amateurs can avoid the embarrassment of not having our “beach bods” ready in time for Cancun. Time stops for no one and spring break is already two short months away.

So to prepare you for the greatest week of the year in a healthy and manageable way, here are the blood, sweat, and tears of my relentless search for amenable work out videos.



This arm workout is swift and relatively easy; aiming for picture-perfect toned yet thin arms rather than bulky muscles. After repeating the routine a few times it’s easy to memorize, so you can head straight for the mats and leave everyone around envious of your palpable exercise expertise.  



Okay, I won't lie—this one burns. But it’s only ten minutes and if you push through the pain, your body will thank you. Repeat after me: bikini body, bikini body, bikini body.


This is the home stretch! Butt and thighs:

Don’t you see the tropical light at the end of the tunnel? Although you may have trouble walking afterwards, the payoff is invaluable: confidently putting on bikini bottoms and skipping the cover-up for once. If you prefer using exercise machines, the stationary bike is a good option. If you listen to upbeat music, you can actually trick yourself into thinking it’s not excruciatingly painful!



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Sami Newman is a sophomore at Pitt double-majoring in Non-Fiction Writing and Communications. When she's not writing, you can find her in either Chipotle or Starbucks (or possibly even in Starbucks holding takeout Chipotle,) or somewhere under her covers, deep into a good nap. Writing and reporting is her passion, and she plans on one day attempting to either emulate or, ideally, be Diane Sawyer. Baby steps.Readers can contact her via Twitter: @GreenEggsNSam1 (retweets/favorites encouraged.)  
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