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Best Healthy Snack Alternatives for Studying

The weather outside is weirdly warm for October in Pittsburgh; however, you have a big test tomorrow and you need to be inside studying. Your roomie’s having a movie night that’s she’s planned for two weeks and you don’t want to ruin it. The solution? Hide up in Hillman for the night. But, if you’re going to be up all night, you’re gonna need some snacks to help keep you awake, and eating junk food will affect your brain negatively! Here are some alternatives to what you are craving.

1. I want chocolate/candy.

If you eat a lot of sugar while you study, you’ll get very jittery and it’ll be hard for you to concentrate. So, if you are having a big sweet tooth attack, eat some berries. They are full of the good sugars that will make your craving go away. Raspberries or strawberries are a great choice and can be found at Market-to-Go or in the fruit cups at other food stations around campus, like Einstein’s.

2. I want chips.

If you’re craving salt, try eating Chex Mix or trail mix. These can be found in campus vending machines. If you have time to go to the store, you can get whole grain tortilla chips and chunky salsa (not queso).

3. I’m craving pizza.

Your body is most likely craving protein. The quickest and cheapest way to do this is to eat a protein or granola bar with at least seven grams of protein. The ones with nuts have the highest count. If you want something meatier, almonds have a similar taste and they will make you full quickly.

4. I’m craving ice cream.

Ice cream is all dairy, fat, and sugar. Eating whole grain cereal (like Cheerios or Special K) with milk, or just drinking milk by itself, will ease the craving. If you are lactose intolerant, try chocolate soymilk. I actually prefer that over cow milk!

5. Other healthy snacks that are easy to eat.

Carrots (or any raw veggie) with hummus, mixed nuts, bananas, and Triscuits with pepper jack cheese are all great choices. If you want something to get you into the fall spirit, try apple chips. They taste amazing!

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Sarah Churchman, HC Pitt's Senior Editor, is a super senior at the University of Pittsburgh studying Computer & Information Science with a specialty in User Design! She is the reserach lead in CyREN, the school's cybersecurity lab. Along with InfoSci, Sarah is minoring in Creative Writing with a focus in poetry. She is an editor at Forbes & Fifth, a student-run magazine. She is also part of H2o church. She's obsessed with tacos, Tommy Hilfiger, and ordering things off Amazon Prime!
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