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6 Workout Classes In the ‘Burgh You Need To Try

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pitt chapter.
Volofit (Ross Township)

Volofit is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) styled workout. The workouts are designed to build strength while also improving your cardiovascular health. The Ross Township location in particular is filled with amazing and uplifting instructors who really make you feel welcomed and push you hard. This is a newer gym to the area and personally, it is my favorite one I’ve been to. I enjoyed it so much when I tested it out using their two-class free trial, that I signed up for a membership! I also found that Volofit is one of the more reasonably priced workout classes on this list.

3Minute Fitness (South Side)

Similar to Volofit, 3Minute fitness consists of high intensity circuit workouts with a mix of strength and cardio training. The majority of the members are college students from the city’s surrounding colleges, like Pitt! So, this is a great gym to meet new friends while getting in a tough workout. 3Minute Fitness also offers free trials and student discounts. I definitely recommend checking it out.

Amazing Yoga (Shadyside)

I’ve been going to Amazing Yoga since I was 18. Unlike traditional, hatha, yoga, Amazing Yoga adds a twist to that by being a hot yoga studio. All levels are welcome, so even if you’ve never ever done yoga before, the Amazing Yoga community still welcomes you and will help teach you proper movements. Yoga is a great break from traditional strength training or cardio workouts and I love going to the studio in the evening to end my day on a calming note. Classes for students are only 10 dollars, which is incredibly reasonable. They also offer workshop classes and yoga retreats.

Fit 4 Boxing (Allison Park)

I’ve heard of many great boxing gyms in the area, but I can only speak for Fit 4 Boxing since this is the one I have been to! Boxing in general can be extremely challenging yet so rewarding. It is a great way to get a full body workout and if you keep up with it, it is amazing for toning your body. Fit 4 Boxing located in Allison Park is super welcoming and they make the workouts super easy to follow and understand. If you’re looking for boxing gyms closer to the city, I’ve heard that Level Red Boxing Pittsburgh is super good, too!

Fitness With A Twist (South Side)

Unfortunately, I’ve never done Fitness With A Twist, but it is definitely on my list! Fitness With A Twist is a pole dancing and fitness class. It is super fun for parties or celebrations or just going with a group of your friends. Pole dancing is a great aerobic workout and similar to boxing is really great for toning your body. I hope to make it to Fitness With A Twist soon and I hope you can, too!

6CYCLE (South Side)

There are many cycling classes in the surrounding Pittsburgh area, but 6CYCLE, located in the South Side, is a great one. Cycling is a full body workout while riding on a stationary bike and riding to the beat of music. They offer 60, 50, 45, and 40 minute classes as well as a range of hybrid classes. The first time I ever did a cycle class, I was pleasantly surprised at how sore I was the next day. This is definitely a way to get in a fun and challenging workout. 

Lexie is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh. She is majoring in media & professional comm. and has a strong interest in digital marketing. In her free time, Lexie is either at the gym, playing with her pup, or relaxing watching a movie.