Professor Campus Profile: Dr. Labban

Every campus has amazing professors and ones that touch our lives in many different ways. Professors can shape our lives through meaningful lectures, conversations, career guidance, or even just being inspired by their love, passion, and devotion to a subject they teach. Good teachers are a dime a dozen, but great professors are impactful! Dr. Labban has become one of those great professors for me here at Pepperdine. Through her spunky personality, her fun lectures, her preparedness, and her encouragement, she has helped me define some career goals and to accomplish the dreams I have been putting off to accomplish. Her door is always open if you want to chat and she is a joy to get to know! Here’s a little more about Dr. Labban:

Position at Pepperdine: Assistant Professor of Marketing

Time teaching at Pepperdine: 10 months

Astronomic Sign: Aries

Favorite pastime: Reading

HC: Where were you born?

Labban: "Tripoli, Lebanon."

HC: What is your favorite city you have visited?

Labban: "Rome, Italy."

HC: What are your favorite movies? 

Labban: "True horror movies like The Shining."

HC: What is your favorite food?

Labban: "Caprese salad–It’s a food that I always order when on the menu. "

HC: What is something that no one would guess about you? 

Labban: "I am an introvert."

HC: What degrees have you earned? 

Labban: "An undergraduate [degree] in Marketing, MBA, and Ph.D. in Management."

HC: How did you start working at Pepperdine?

Labban: "About four years ago, I was passing through [Malibu] and saw all of these flags in the front and didn’t understand why they would be there. I looked around and saw a sign saying “Pepperdine University” and took an interest in researching Pepperdine. When I was finishing my Ph.D. work, I decided to see if Pepperdine had a position open and I applied. And, well here I am!"

HC: Are you currently working on research while at Pepperdine?

Labban: "Yes, I am working on two different projects. I analyze retail data and test marketing activities' effectiveness based on the nutritional quality of the food item." –The goal behind her work is to aid policy makers and marketers in developing strategies for more favorable food environments. 

Dr. Labban also likes cartoons and has never read a Harry Potter book (it's okay HP fans, we will convert her). She feels she has wasted her time watching the first Twilight movie (can't blame her). Halloween is a holiday she takes seriously and dresses up–regardless of the theme, blood always has to be included. If you have the pleasure to have her as your professor, don't be afraid to stop by her office and get to know her!