Coming to HC Pepperdine: Pressed Juicery Cleanse The Series

I have always loved the idea of cleansing and enjoyed it the times I have done it. Removing all those bad toxins from my body is really rejuvenating and helps me restart after times of stress or really unhealthy eating habits. In the last year, I started using Pressed Juicery for all my detox needs! PSA: I do not cleanse for weight loss (and neither should you), I cleanse for a fresh start after feeling gross internally and externally. For the next few months I will be doing a Pressed Juicery Cleanse Series where I will document all of my cleanses.

Pressed Juicery has three full-day cleanses and three (new!!!) half-day cleanses! Once a month, I will do a full day cleanse and in between each full day cleanse I will do a half day cleanse until I have tried them all. This, of course, will take my physical/mental health into consideration at each stage of the series; I may be a bit more flexible on the dates. I will record which cleanse I do and journal about how it went that day. In addition, I will also record all of the nutritional info for you to see!

Benefits of cleansing:

1. Reset and detox your body. Give your body a recharge after eating all of those processed, not-so-healthy foods, so you can start over again.

2. There are lots of vitamins and minerals in these juices to help you feel good. Give your body what it needs!

3. Antioxidants and more antioxidants. Get those nutrients you need!


Tips for cleansing:

1. Juice cleanses are high in sugar, but low in calories. So, eat if you need to. I tend to eat dark chocolate covered almonds, bell peppers, and guacamole when I am feeling a little too hungry for my liking during these cleanses.

2. Drink lots of water! Yes, you are drinking lots of fluids, but you have to keep up with your sugar intake by drinking more water.

3. Don’t cleanse on big days. Cleanse on days where you are able to relax, not go to work, not exercise extensively, take tests, etc. You will feel tired and a little moody especially if it’s your first time.

4. Cleanse when you think your body needs it, but don’t cleanse too often. Cleansing too often can lead to an extreme lack of calories, lowered metabolism, and malnutrition.

5. BE SAFE. Know your body and take care of it. Cleansing should not be used as your technique to “get skinny fast.”