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Finals are just around the corner. The all-nighters in the library, countless espresso shots,  stacks of note cards galore; tis the season! If you’re feeling stressed while preparing for your finals, try these five ways to destress!

Go to a Workout Class with Friends

Relieve some stress by scheduling in a good work out with friends. Pepperdine’s group fitness classes are FREE the week before finals and the week of finals. Go check out the class schedule here and plan out some fun classes with your friends!

Have a Movie Night

Ask your roommate if she wants to take a break from studying for a couple hours to watch a movie! Pop some popcorn, log in to Netflix and choose a feel-good flick. Some go-to movies that are perfect for relaxing are DCOMs, or Disney Channel Original Movies, like High School Musical, Camp Rock, The Cheetah Girls or StarStruck. They will make you super nostalgic! 

Do a Face Mask

Face Masks are a great way to treat yourself between studying for exams. Turn on some music, put your mask on and lay in bed for 30 minutes. Use this as your little recharge time before getting back to work! My favorite face masks are from TONYMOLY.

Take a Beach Trip

Put on your swimsuit and sunscreen and head to the beach for a couple hours to soak up the sun! Sometimes when you spend so much time on campus, it can feel like you’re trapped and stress you out more. By going off campus and chilling on the beach for a little, you can disconnect from all of your tasks and just relax. If you can not bear to part with your study guides and note cards, bring them along with you. You will get a change of scenery while studying!

Grab Coffee with a Friend

Meet up with a friend you haven’t seen for a while at Starbucks in the library or a coffee shop off campus and catch up with them. Treat yourself to your favorite caffeinated beverage and a yummy pastry while filling each other in about everything that happened this semester. It’s a great way to see them before you go home for the summer and it gives you that little caffeine boost to help you when you go back to studying!






Brooke Zeall

Pepperdine '20

I'm a Film major in my senior year at Pepperdine University. I'm from a small town in Pennsylvania, but always dreamed of living in So-Cal. I'm a movie junkie and can usually be found at a movie theater on Friday or Saturday nights. I'm also into writing, photography, reading and makeup. I'm a huge Disney fan and can talk about their movies or theme parks for hours! 
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