3 Ways You Can Practice Self-Care

Even though the month of February is almost over, that doesn’t mean we should stop spreading the love! With COVID-19 rates still leaving most of us cooped up at home, it’s more important than ever to do things that promote self-love during this time. Developing a self-care routine does just that! Here are some easy ideas that you can incorporate into your self-care routine. 

  1. 1. Find a Form of Exercise You Enjoy

    Although some of us hate to admit it, exercise can help improve our daily lives by enhancing our mood and keeping our muscles engaged. It’s so important to find some form of exercise that you can enjoy incorporating into your daily routine. Some creative ways to get your body moving are yoga, walks, hiking or following along with a dance video on YouTube.  

  2. 2. Find Something to Read/Listen to

    If you are like me, I’m sure throughout this year you’ve been bingeing a ton of TV shows. Recently, I realized the importance of incorporating other forms of entertainment into my self-care routine, so I don’t spend all day staring at my computer screen. Finding an engaging book to read has seriously helped me spend less time on my electronics. If you are not a big reader, I also recommend getting into podcasts or audiobooks! Podcasts are great because it’s easy to have them playing in the background while doing laundry, making dinner, or driving. They are also an amazing thing to listen to right before going to bed instead of scrolling through TikTok (I know I’m not the only one). 

  3. 3. Make Time to Cook Healthy Meals 

    I know sometimes eating that big bowl of mac and cheese is a form of self-care, but eating that every day can make us feel gross. A great thing that you can incorporate into your self-care routine is making time to cook healthy meals. This type of self-care looks different for every person: Maybe you just need to set aside 15 minutes at night to make sure you cook a healthy dinner, or maybe you need to commit an hour every Sunday to meal prep for the entire week. Although this activity takes a bit of time, it is seriously so worth it in the long run. You will feel better mentally knowing you already have food prepared and that the food is going to make your body feel fueled. 

I wish each of you the best of luck on your self-care journeys!