Tips to Remain Cool as Cucumber During Finals

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Finals is here! It's a bitter sweet time before summer begins. Your final To-Do list is growing, you've forgotten to shower and your sleep schedule has been cut down by studying. Remain calm! We've brought you some tips so you can handle it all!


Take a walk

Nothing is a better destresser than taking a scenic walk. Head to the closest park, quad or pier and take in your surroundings. Give you head a mental break and leave your phone and books at home!

Eat with friends

Don't let studying consume you to the point where you forget to feed yourself. If you have to, set meal reminders so you don't forget. Maybe even plan an alternative study session, order in lunch with friends and have a study discussion!

Go to yoga

Yoga is my go to when I'm feeling the heat of finals. It's the perfect way to clear your head and regain control of your assignments. Plus it's a good workout too! Yoga to the people offers donation based yoga classes so no need to break the bank! They have locations in Brooklyn, St. Marks, 27th Street, 38th Street and on the Upper West Side. 

Spa study session

Don't let your hygeine slip up! Showers are a good way to calm down and keep clean. Grab some face masks and study while treating your face to a detox.


Thankfully, C's do in fact get degrees. Don't stress too hard, this is only a week of your life! When you feel overwhelmed come back and try one of these tips so you can stay cool as a cucumber.