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Remember to Love the Little Things in Life

It is important to focus on the little things. Life can become stressful, and it is easy to get stuck focusing on all things negative. I am not an optimistic positive person, but I do think that reminding yourself of what you have and what you love can help when the stress gets to you. It can be little things, like the perfect cup of coffee or your day off from school. Anything that makes you happy is something to hold onto and think about. I have started to do this when I get overwhelmed, and it helps me remember what I have and what is important.
I have started to fall in love with Tuesday mornings. This semester has been difficult as we are getting back to in-person classes, and I have started a new job. However, I do not work on Monday nights and my classes start later Tuesdays. This allows me to stay up later Mondays, something I enjoy doing and sleep in on Tuesdays. I can get up and make myself a cup of coffee exactly how I like it instead of having to rely on the overcrowded school Starbucks. These Tuesday mornings when it is quiet, I can sleep in, drink good coffee, and finish homework have become something I look forward to. When I get stressed during the week, I know that Tuesday mornings will be a time of peace.

Something else I tend to think about when I get overwhelmed is my family. I am grateful that I come from an amazing family with the best parents who have supported me through everything. I know I would not be where I am right now without them. It helps to remember that they are always there for me, just a phone call or a short train ride away. Knowing that I can always rely on them and that they are there for me provides a sense of relief when things get difficult.

I also remind myself how lucky I am to be where I am. I go to school in New York City and have my apartment. The younger version of myself would have been so happy to know where I am now and what I have accomplished. Living in New York and being in the city is something I have wanted since I was little, and I’m doing it. Even though it can be overwhelming, I remind myself that I am on the path to creating the life that I have dreamed of. I can get overwhelmed thinking of the future and everything that I want to do, but it helps to just pause and realize that I have already accomplished some of my goals. It is important to take a breath and enjoy the goals you have already accomplished and remind yourself how much you want them. We cannot skip ahead to get everything we want, that would make us miss out on enjoying what we have already achieved.

Whether it is the perfect cup of coffee in the morning, talking to your parents on the phone, going to concerts or Broadway shows, it is important to focus on how happy those moments make you feel. Life is difficult and the stress can be overwhelming but focusing on those small moments of the day that bring you peace is important. Take pictures when you are happy to remember those small moments. Post funny videos to Instagram or Tik Tok. Call your family to tell them about your day. Remind yourself of how far you have come and what you have already accomplished. Laugh too loud with your friends or have a dance party in your dorm. Just make sure that you remember the small moments where the stress goes away, even if it is just for a second.

I am a Junior at Pace University studying Fine Arts and Business Management. I am the Vice President of Her Campus Pace University NYC. My email is [email protected]
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