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New Artist to Listen To – European Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

Besides music, another passion I have is learning new languages. I like the feeling of being able to say, at least three, different sentences in someone else’s mother tongue. People say that the second best way to learn a language is by listening to music from that country. So today, I’m listing all my favorite musicians from Europe, with the help of some international friends.

  1. Youssoupha is a French rapper of Congolese descent. His first album was released in 2007. His most recent, titled NGRTD, was released in 2015. One of my favorites by him is  “Dreamin’ ft. Indila”
  2. Karpe Diem is a Norwegian rap group from Oslo. Their career started in 2008, but their popularity is beginning to grow now. The song you should listen to is “Rett i foret”
  3. La Oreja de Van Gogh is a pop group from Spain. They changed their lead singer in 2007, but are still great. They sing some of my favorite songs in Spanish, including “Jueves”
  4. Andrea Bocelli is a blind, Italian singer, songwriter and record producer. He has an older audience, including my mom and her friends, but has some great music for all ages. Listen to “Vivo por Lei.”
  5. Evelina is a Finnish singer-songwriter, signed to a label owned by Universal Music Group. She only has one album, released in 2016, but her singles are always on the Finnish Top Charts. Her newest single is “Sun Vika”
  6. Joyce Jonathan is another singer-songwriter from France. She sings French pop and folk.  Her voice is really soft and calming. My favorite song of hers is “Je ne sais pas.” Her latest album “Ça ira” includes songs in Mandarin and English.

Now you can go ahead and fall in love with other languages and enjoy other cultures, all through music. 

Her Campus Pace Contributor