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“Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy”
Oh wait, that’s an Eminem lyric that I’m copying
Jimmy, he’s here coming towards the front
I think “Wow this might just be my shot”
My hand reaches out without a care
The person next to me thinks “What’s her hand doing there?”
Eyes touch, he pauses in mid-air
A glance, perhaps, or just a stare 
It’s just then, that our hands collide
We were perfectly aligned 
I thought at first, “Clammy?”
But then I realized that I just made it on TV
So thanks Jimmy for that moment 
A moment that I’ll never be able to forget

Hi, my name Carly Scarborough and I am a communication studies major with a minor in digital media studies at Pace University in NYC. I have been a writer for Her Campus Pace for over two years now. I have also worked on both the editorial and the social media teams since I became involved in the organization. I love to write about entertainment, travel, and lifestyle.
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