How to De-stress During Midterm & Final Season

Pace University
1 Pace Plaza New York

I don’t know about you but when it’s midterm and final season, I get so stressed that all I do is wait anxiously for my exams. Yes, I know that it’s not a healthy way to deal with my anxiety and stress, I should focus on studying and relaxing, but I don’t. Last semester, I realized that I had to change my unhealthy habits and make a plan to destress. I’m going to list some things that worked for me and hopefully work for you as well.

  • Organize your days: I now have a big wall calendar where I keep all of the important dates so I know when assignments are due and when I have exams. This helps me picture my following dates and organize accordingly.
  • Set times to study: I usually try to study between one or two hours per day so I don’t have to do everything together the day before.
  • Take a long, hot shower: I don’t know why but the hot water and steam make everything better.
  • Hair and face masks: Pampering yourself always go a long way!
  • Movie night with your gal-pals: It doesn’t matter if you stay in and watch Netflix or if you go out. Movies are an incredible way to take things out of your mind and forget about your problems for a little while.
  • Brunch: I just really like breakfast food.
  • Drink water: That’s what everyone says, so we should do it too, right?
  • If you are hungry, eat!: Your body can’t function without any energy.
  • Listen to music: Find the perfect playlist and/or create one.

I hope these little tricks work for you as much as they work for me. Good luck with all your exams, I know you can make it!