Artist Spotlight: ARIES

Manhattan, New York
United States

2019 has been an exciting year for music so far. While there have been many new albums from senior artists, we have also seen the rise of many new talents. Last year, I was on YouTube for way too long and found this channel with an artist that goes by Aries. I don’t know how the algorithm led me to his channel… I was watching  an endless amount of “If You Were In  A Bathroom At A Party“ videos and I somehow came across his song “Carousel.” I have been obsessed ever since.

Aries recently released his first album Welcome Home last month and I was in desperate need of more music from him. When I listen to his music, I get this sense of power and pride that makes me more confident. With nine tracks to get hyped to, I can safely say that I think that he is an artist worth checking out.


He began to grow a following on YouTube where he would post videos of him creating or recreating songs in two minutes. While they are entertaining to watch, you can’t ignore how talented and knowledgeable he is with creating music.

This talent has translated into success; with over one million monthly listeners on Spotify, people are quickly hopping onto the Aries train. Last week, Aries announced two shows - one in LA and the other in New York. They both sold out so fast he had to add additional dates to meet popular demand. Unfortunately, I was in a final when the first round of tickets went out but thankfully, my friend got us tickets the second time around.

I am so excited to see him perform the music I have been listening to ever since I heard it the first time but I am more excited to share his talent. Hopefully, I have hyped this artist enough for you to check out his music. You won’t regret it.



*All pictures belong to their rightful owner; they were taken from Aries' social media accounts.