5 Key Ways to Stay Motivated this Semester

As this year progresses, the working world has had a tough time returning to its normal schedule, and, as a first-year college student, I have found that this is a particularly stressful adjustment period. With a dynamic work culture forming, it’s hard to be comfortable with not getting as much done as we’re used to, but we have to realize that it’s OKAY to not be in a constant state of productivity- especially right now. We constantly see others on social media living perfectly fruitful and rewarding lives, and this leaves us asking “How can I push myself to be productive when it seems like I can never get as much done as everyone else?” 

First, it's important to recognize that these standards are unrealistic. Everyone knows that influencers often only display their “good” days and moments, so as hard as it may be, we have to try not to compare ourselves to what we see online. If you remember anything at all let it be that feeling unmotivated or “lazy” is normal, especially when you have no control over your surroundings. However, if you want to try and work towards a more productive lifestyle, consider trying some of these suggestions!

  1. 1. Rest!

    It’s important to understand that rest equals productivity! This formula is crucial in preventing burn out and will help you balance your work with time for socializing and self care. Make sure you set apart time to read, watch TV, see friends- anything that gets your mind off of work or school. 

  2. 2. Figure out why you’re in a slump 

    It’s also important to ask yourself WHY you don’t feel motivated! Are you overworked, or dealing with a stressful situation? Understanding why this shift occurred can help you to adjust appropriately.  

  3. 3. Work off of a healthy schedule 

    Something that always helps me is to create a schedule! You can use a schedule to equally distribute your work throughout the week to feel accomplished every day while still getting everything done on time and making time for yourself. 

  4. 4. Get organized with to-do lists

    I would also recommend making to-do lists with only your minor tasks. This way you feel as if you’re getting things done without having to do a heavy load of work. Don’t even include work on this list; fill it with small chores or self-care activities so you feel fulfilled by the little things.

  5. 5. Check in with yourself often

    The best way to find motivation is to not take on daunting tasks or try and build a busy schedule just to seem productive. Do as much as you can handle, and if you think you can take on more, adjust for the next week.

Sometimes we have no control over the situations we are put in, and often are overwhelmed with tasks we have no choice but to complete. When this happens we have to try and find a balance, prioritizing our own health as much as possible. Focus on adjusting your mindset to always be proud of any effort you put in, because even the smallest amount makes a difference.