"My Generation" - A Poem

We were told to change,

change ourselves,

who we are.

We were too thin,

too big,


too much,

all at once.

We were too colorful,

too black and white,

but we broke those barriers down.

We moved past.


We were told to change,

change the world.

We had to,

the world is flawed,

we must change it.

But aren’t we flawed as well?

Why do we not accept

and love these flaws?

Because we have changed.

We have been exposed

to what the world really is.

We were forced to grow up in it.


We were told to change,

so we changed our minds,

our point of view.

Our perspective is different.

We are a new generation.

The bullets came home

and the sun has melted away

more than the ice.

It destroyed the mask

the government hides behind,

and our nation’s foundation and trust.

We will change their heart,

their ways,

because society is different

and we are all not the same.