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A Love Letter to Myself

Dear Me,

I’m writing this to remind you that you’re irreplaceably great and that you are so loved.  I know life can get tough sometimes and it’s easy to start believing that you deserve everything crashing in around you, but trust me, everyone gets their fair share of spontaneous misfortune.  In these times of trouble, it’s crucial not to forget about all of your strengths.

Firstly, you are hilarious and keep everyone around you on their toes with your ridiculous humor.  You’re never afraid to say what everyone else is thinking but are too embarrassed to admit. You’re so unapologetic and fearless in that way.  You haven’t been afraid to speak your mind since you were born; that’ll get you somewhere someday.

You care about others so much, sometimes more than yourself.  If you care about someone, you care about them forever. Even if they were just a childhood friend or an ex that you don’t speak to.  Even if they hurt you time and time again. You worry about them and think of them fondly, you actually want the best for them.  It may seem like this has repeatedly left you heartbroken, but someday someone will do the same for you and there will be great balance in your life.  Regardless, loving someone, caring for others, being “too” kind, and being open about how you feel will never be flawed.

Girl, you are so in tune with yourself and your emotions it amazes me.  You always know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. You’re so aware of what makes you feel what, and you always consider the consequences of your thoughts and actions.  Although others may assume you’re making mindless mistakes, you’re really just prioritizing one emotion over another. It’s okay to make questionable decisions when you have already accepted how it will make you feel in case of failure.

I admire your passion for what you do.  You knew you loved to write since the day you learned how and you haven’t stopped since — incredible.  I know it’s scary sometimes but you somehow always power through. You’re determined to reach your goals, and you do things that hurt and make your heart race almost every day in pursuit of your dream.  You’re brave and smart for choosing a career path that not only pushes you to your limit but is also less promising than others, rather than settling for a job that would make you miserable. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a true passion, so be grateful and continue to take advantage of it.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I love how you pay such close attention to people and all of the little details in life.  It is refreshing to have someone who you don’t have to tell something twice too, someone who dedicates time to learning your ins and outs.  Never stop paying attention to people and proving how important they are to you. I know someday someone will have the same energy towards you.  But even if they don’t, I know you’re too genuine to change.

Another one of your most unique and special characteristics is your ability to see both sides of every situation.  You think about every aspect of the story before deciding how to feel about it and try to be fair to everyone involved.  You’re so understanding and considerate. You do everything in your power not to be judgemental.

Finally, I love how you are never afraid to apologize.  As stubborn as you are, you never refuse to admit your faults.  You know when you’re wrong and always take the appropriate measures to make amends.  Your ability to offer meaningful apologies is the key to growing any important relationship.  You’re genuinely so mature and raw, and that makes you rare.

You are amazing and you deserve the best.


All my love,



Kailey is a Senior who double-majors in English and Adolescent Education. She has been a writer from the time she could hold a pencil and an aspiring teacher since 1st grade. She currently substitute teaches at a preschool and hopes to teach ELA and Creative Writing to high schoolers in the future. Kailey is an fervent reader, runner, and yogi who is happiest when laughing with loved ones or eating something full of sugar!
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