Five Signs Your Brain Needs a Break

As college students, we are getting closer to midterm season and while syllabus week feels like yesterday, ours brains are still feeling the burn. Classes, sports, organizations, clubs and everything else we do in between makes life so busy, we forget to stop and give ourselves time to recharge. If you feel any of the signs below, it’s time for you to give yourself ‘me time.'

1. You’re reading… you’re reading… you’re sleeping...

If you can’t stay awake working on your homework, that is probably a pretty good sign you need rest. When you are trying to do work, and you can’t focus in on the words, that also shows you that you need to take a break.


2. You’re getting headaches

Headaches can be a symptom of many things, but if you are following the same regime as always, aside from rest and more work, then it probably is from stress and not enough full rest cycles. Getting in bed before midnight alone can improve this.


3. You are craving junk food

You’re tired, you’re moody, you’re stressed. Do you really feel like getting up and grilling chicken? No, so you order take out. It makes your life a little easier, but eventually a poor diet will contribute to your low energy and high stress. Eat some fish, they’re good for the brain.


4. Everyone is getting on your nerves

“Well this person looked at me like this today and this person walked in front of me so slowly, and now I just hate everyone.” Sound familiar? Your patience is being tested, and any energy you are storing to keep going is probably not going into relationships, which can negatively impact your social life. Just have a night in, and call them tomorrow.


5. You can’t think straight

If it feels like it takes effort to pull together a sentence, you really need to rest up.


It’s important to keep yourself healthy and happy to keep your life here at Oswego successful. Feeling over exerted won’t get you anywhere any faster. M; make time for you!