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Do I look okay?

Is my hair the perfect curliness,

Or do I need to straighten it?

Are the bags under my eyes still visible?

I got 4 hours of sleep

So they should be gone



Do I look okay?

Do I look like I tried too hard,

Or not enough?

Do I look happy enough?

Maybe I need to plaster a smile

Like the Jokers on my face


Do I look okay?

Are the biscuits from Christmas still visible? 

I swear I’m going to work out more,

And eat less to lose it.

I’m going to try this strictly 

Apple cider diet, I hear it’s supposed to really work


Do I look okay? 

The last guy I talked to said I needed

To lose more weight and wear more makeup

Maybe he’s right.

My chubby body 

And haunting ugly face haunts me in the mirror.







Erin is a Cinema and Screen studies major and a creative writing minor. She loves Disney and Horror movies, and her favorite director is Taika Watiti. Despite film and writing, she also loves art, baking, and musical theater. She is a July Cancer and her favorite holiday is Halloween.
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