The Spring Scaries: How To Lock Down Summer Plans

College summers can be tough. Not only are you separated from some of your closest friends, but the moment you’re done with finals, the questions inevitably start. What are you doing with your summer? Job? Internship? Service? Classes? Traveling the world? To face the onslaught, it’s better to plan ahead and decide what you want out of your time off. Here are three tips to combat the spring scaries!

Decide the best course of action for you

The school year is incredibly stressful, and summer can be the only time to get a moment to yourself. During your study breaks, decide ahead of time how you personally need to spend these three months. Do you want to travel in your college career, but can’t take a semester off? Should you be working, saving up for a car or an apartment? Do you need to take classes to adjust for a new major or get ahead in your own program? Whichever is best for you, don’t be pressured by your friends’ decisions! Your summer is yours alone, and you need to decide the best way to spend it.

Reach out to people now -- employers, professors, and advisors

You’re probably not thinking about much during spring besides midterms, finals, and keeping your grades afloat (and spring break, of course!) However, for a handful of majors at Ohio State, it’s required to secure an internship before graduation. Reaching out in the springtime is essential. Many applications for summer are due in March and April, so it’s best to plan ahead and maximize your potential options! Research is another big one for many programs at this university, and many professionals begin seeking summer research assistants toward the end of the school year. Advisors can definitely help you decide which course of action is best for you academically -- remember, they are a resource for you!

Enjoy yourself!

The most important piece of advice is simply to enjoy it; don’t get psyched out listening to everyone’s impending plans throughout spring semester. Many of your friends are already discussing their lofty agendas, and while supporting your girls is key, don’t compare yourself. Relish in the months away from campus, in the way that’s best for you -- you will be back at The Shoe in September before you know it!

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