5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Midterms

With the weather getting colder and midterms upon us, it’s inevitable that people are going to get sick. While all of the stress can take a toll on your immune system, if you follow these simple tips you’ll be able to fight off whatever comes your way!

1. Sleep

Sleep is essential for staying healthy. Getting a head-start on studying will let you sleep on a more regular schedule instead of pulling an all-nighter the night before an exam.

2. Wash your hand

Everyday on campus you come in contact with a lot of people and a lot of dirty doorknobs, desks, etc. Carrying hand sanitizer with you is a must to get rid of any and all germs!

3. Healthy Eating

When you’re swamped with papers and midterms it’s easy to choose the fastest, easiest things to eat which are usually unhealthy. Pack snacks like nuts, apples, or popcorn when you go to the library to get you through your study sessions.

4. Set time aside for yourself

While studying for midterms is important, you also need to set time aside for yourself to de-stress. Whether you workout, write in a journal or hang out with friends doing something you enjoy will put you in the right state of mind!

5. Be proactive

If you don’t feel sick but everyone else around you is, be proactive and take Emergen-c or Vitamin C. You'll decrease your chances of getting sick while getting the vitamins your body needs!

Stay healthy ladies!