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Surviving Midterms: Fake It Until You Make It

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oregon chapter.

It’s no secret that midterms are easily one of the most dreaded times in college, second only to finals. There’s always essays to write, tests to study for in classes where you don’t know anything that’s happening and somehow you’re still supposed to find time to sleep and socialize. It sounds truly impossible, but here are some tips that might help you through midterms. 

1. Get a Planner

The first step to making it through midterms with as few hiccups as possible is to get a planner and write out everything you need to do and by when. It may seem overwhelming at first, but as you start to check things off it’ll be worth it. 

2. Study a Little Bit Everyday

I know, I know; it’s college and all-nighters are notorious, but I’m about to sound like your mom and tell you that staying up and studying all night will not benefit you at all. Take time each day and study a little and by the time the test comes you’ll feel 20x more prepared than cramming the night before. 

3. Make a Study Group

This may not be ideal for everyone, but if you learn better in a group setting then get some classmates together and go over the material together. It’ll help you stay focused and give you someone to complain with. 

4. Go To Class

This one may seem too simple, but, honestly, going to class pays off. Meet your teachers and take good notes. If you didn’t do this before midterms then start now…your future finals self will thank you!

5. Breathe

As important as these tests are, they’re not going to matter a year from now. So, put in hard work, but don’t forget to prioritize your well being. Do things to relax and breathe because before you know it this week will be over and you’ll move on. 

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