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Lately, I’ve been constantly stressed about balancing school and my internship because this term has been the first time that I’ve challenged myself to take on so many opportunities. This term has gone by extremely fast and I cannot believe that we’re more than halfway done with the term?!?! My current life depicted in a gif is the Drake and Josh scene where Drake and Josh are trying to make all the sushi on the sushi belt and then it eventually goes faster. As we’re getting further into the school year, it’s been harder for me to balance school, my internship, and my other extracurricular activities and making time to hang out with friends and family. 

I noticed that I’ve been constantly complaining about it because it truly has been rough and I really think that I could do it all sometimes. I definitely get disappointed when I have to cancel plans with friends because of my busy schedule, but it’s the life that I chose and I have to accept that. The one thing that I’ve been learning along the way is that I need to be better at prioritizing. With my busy schedule, I have been adapting to a specific regimen because I absolutely hate procrastinating. I’ve also come to the realization to appreciate that being this busy does keep me on my toes.

When I was stressed the other day, my mom told me that it’s good that I’m staying busy and learning to balance everything because this is what it’s going to be like after you graduate college, but even harder when you have to work full time. I think one of the key things when you’re stressed and overworked with your busy schedule is to plan. As generic as that sounds, it’s true. Set aside time for yourself such as going outside to walk for 20 minutes or taking any break from the computer screen. Allow yourself to have breaks in between, especially to eat and hydrate. As a workaholic, you need to know your limits and prioritize your health and well-being. This includes getting enough sleep also. By planning ahead with getting assignments done earlier, then you can make time to hang out with friends and family. As we get close to the tunnel, I believe that we can get through this term! 

Hello! My name is Courtney Yamada, I am a junior at the University of Oregon, studying Public Relations and Advertising with a Business Administration minor. I am from Seal Beach, CA and have 2 shih tzus named Cody and Pepper back home. I love going to the beach or go on hikes with friends and family. I am excited to be a part of the HerCampus team to express myself through my writing! Sco Ducks!
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