The Insider Tips to Barre3

Barre3 is a new up-and-coming workout class! Never heard of it? You will soon.

It's a class for anyone and everyone. It combines yoga, pilates, and ballet but does not require previous experience! The Barre3 philosophy is to produce a strong and balanced body. It strives to help people find a balanced core so they can perform their daily activities more efficiently. The goal of the workouts is to build long toned muscles and increase your metabolism. They do not believe in the motto “No pain no gain,” but instead believe you should do what feels right for your body.

There are two Barre3 studios in Eugene! The second recently opened this past summer at the Oakway Center. I want to give people who want to try this new exercise class for the first time some insider tricks for the Eugene locations!

1. Arriving early

You want to arrive at least 10 minutes early to your class, maybe more. The room often fills up and the people who arrive early get first choice of what spot they want.

2. Picking a spot

My advice is to pick a spot at the barre at the back of the studio because then you will always be able to see the instructor! They are very good at walking around during the class to give you one-on-one help if you need it.

3. Choosing weights

If you are just starting out and not used to the Barre3 style workouts you should take a set of one pound weights and a set of two pound weights to your spot at the barre. This way you will have choices, especially if you want to push yourself! The instructors always urge you to drop your weights anytime during the workout if you need a break, so never feel weird if you want to stop using them.

4. Choosing a class to take

Each studio has many different instructors, and they all teach their classes with their own style. If you are just starting Barre3 you will want to stay with these instructors, at least for your first couple classes: Lou Moulder, Ashley Cahill, Achelle Frichette. Once you think you are ready to try some harder classes, try some from these instructors: Ellie Combs, Lisa Korth, Brenda Watson. If you want a very challenging class with an instructor who will push you to your breaking point, go to the classes taught by these highly skilled instructors: Jessica Neely, Summer Spinner, Evie Poole, Toni Ramme.

These are just a few tips on how to begin your journey through Barre3 workouts!

Photo by Emily Sea on Unsplash