5 Ways to Help Cope with Winter Depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder affects many during the cloudy and cold season, but there are ways you can treat yourself. Self-care is so important and there are many small things that can turn your day around.


1. Cuddling something warm

A microwaveable plush animal can help keep you cozy when you feel like relaxing. It’s nice to cuddle something, especially if it is toasty and smells like lavender.


2. Taking a hot bath with a bath bomb

Lush bath bombs come in so many scents, so whether you feel like relaxing with lavender or energizing with lemon, you can have the bath of your dreams. Just put on a face mask and some calming music and soak in the tub for however long you want to.


3. Transform your hair

Now most people think changing your hairstyle tells everyone that you’re going through a crisis, but changing your hair can make you feel confident. Whether you get a haircut or dye your hair a crazy color, you’ll feel like a brand new person ready to take on the world.


4. Listen to new music

Pictured: Joji​

Spotify has thousands of premade playlists, so try listening to a bunch and discover new artists. Venture through different genres and find a song that you’ll be showing your friends for weeks.


5. Set up a sleeping schedule

Sleep is extremely important for your health so it’s important that you get enough sleep but don’t oversleep. Even on the weekends, set an alarm at the same time every morning and try to fall asleep at a good time. Oversleeping can make you feel even more groggy than if you got up earlier.


There are many other ways to help with seasonal depression, but if things seem to not be getting any better, therapy and medical help is always an option. Take care of yourself this winter and know that you are loved.