The Lazy Girl Workout


Do you feel pressured to workout and look fit despite your love of staying home and reading a good book? Are you dissatisfied with your lack of washboard abs and perky glutes but don’t feel the motivation to hit up the gym? Don't worry, you are not alone. The lazy girl doesn’t need a gym membership and stares from some sweaty beefcake while struggling to squat just the bar: practice these great at-home exercises to remind yourself that “Gurl, you cute”.


1. Mirror Affirmations. Look in the mirror and tell yourself “I look fly as hell today” until you really believe it.


2. Dance in your undies until you feel like Beyonce.


3. Think about working out. It’s the thought that counts, right?


4. Drink some water, for goodness' sake! Your skin will thank you.


5. Sit-up… to let Netflix know that yes, you are still watching.


6. Hold savasana (corpse pose) for 2 hours… in your bed… under the covers.


7. Squat jumps to put on the jeans you just pulled from the dryer.


8. LISS - Low Intensity Steady Shopping… you find those online sales, girl. Buy yourself something nice.


9. Don’t forget to fuel yourself! Working out is hard.


10. Love the skin you’re in, because you are beautiful just as you are.


What are your favorite go-to lazy girl workout moves? Let us know in the comments below!