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8 Thoughts I Had While Doing Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga can look intimidating, but I definitely recommend you try it. The instructors are great and they understand how it can make people nervous. It is a very rewarding experience and I definitely plan on going again.

1. “Oh god, there’s swings.”

With it being aerial yoga, of course there are swings but I wasn’t expecting there to be so many and for the swings to be so close.


2. “Oh, this isn’t so bad!”

Once you’re sitting in the swing, it really isn’t scary. I had a great instructor, and she totally understood me questioning the process.

3. “Oooo the swings are different colors; I want blue!!”

Yes, I’m a child. But this turned out to be really fitting since some of the positions you’re in when you’re in the swing really do make you feel like a child.

4. “You seriously expect me to swing like that and not fall?!”

My instructor asked me and my friend to sit in the swing and flip backwards, so that the swing would wrap around our legs while we were upside down. We both did it and it wasn’t nearly as bad as we thought. After you feel like your head is full of blood, you get used to it and feel great!

5. “I wish I had one of these in my room.”

Turns out you can actually order the aerial yoga swings on Amazon. How cool is that? My only problem is… where on earth do I put it?

6. “Ow this hurts.”

Okay so there are some positions that are pretty uncomfortable, but they do have their purpose. One released toxins and the others targeted neglected muscles that I never stretched.

7. “I have to take my socks off?”

This may have been just the nature of how the instructor and studio ran their classes, but I had to take my socks off. I wasn’t expecting that. She probably would have let me wear mine since they were yoga socks but I decided not to ask, so I just did it. You don’t touch the ground as much as you’d think so it turned out fine.

8. “Who needs a bed when you can order one of these swings on Amazon?”

At the end of the class we got to sit in a comfortable position in the swing. We were given eye masks and had about 5-10 minutes to sit and chill in the swing. I could literally sleep in one of those things.

Seriously, try it. You’ll love it.




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