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What You Think You Become

by Morgan Blythe

What you think, you become.

This phrase is kind of weird.

In its weirdness, it brought me to a place to evaluate myself.

If I am all that I think of, who have I become?

I hope that I am joyful and positive and warm.

Honestly, I hope to be the person that my dog thinks I am.

However, is what I fill my thoughts with the kind of material that cultivates warmth and kindness?

Does watching this particular movie benefit my thought process, or will my mind be filled with negativity and obscenity?

Once again, the phrase emerges, what you think, you become.

I had never truly taken the time to comprehend how important my music, movie, or book choices were or the influence they had in the words that flowed from my mouth prior to listening/watching/reading them. I was conscious of my words in a way that allowed me to see that there is a huge difference in my mind when I am filing myself with goodness rather than negativity.

It is so worth it to take some time to pour in a little happiness to our thoughts because so much of what surrounds us is not so kind. Especially as women, we think so much. We think all the time about anything and everything. Putting in a little good lets a lot of good flow out. Let the good vibes radiate from you like the sunshine that you are. Allow yourself to shine by giving yourself a little light.

Let the light be what you become because who better to be than someone who makes someone else smile.

It’s pretty weird that being choosy with the playlist you play on the way to class can change a little bit of everything. So if what you think you become, think something good.


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