The Midterm Survival Guide: How to Not Totally Lose Your Sh*t

By Mavis Heasley

Picture this: It’s midterm season, spring break is right around the corner, procrastination is at its peak and you’re totally unprepared for exams. If you’re reading this, though, you probably don’t have to picture it, because you’re living it. Trust me, I know, it’s pretty rough. Fear not, reader! I have compiled my top three ways to decompress before hitting the books, ensuring a clear headspace for all that knowledge absorption.


1. Find Your Zen

Sitting on your phone for 10 minutes between study sessions can be tempting, but those 10 minutes can easily turn to 20, then 30… next thing you know, you’re falling asleep scrolling through your Instagram explore page and 4 chapters behind in biology. Instead of putting your energy into navigating the abyss that is social media, I would suggest focusing that energy into meditation. I have found meditation helpful not only while de-stressing during study breaks, but calming my anxiety in general. Meditation allows for clearing the mind, increasing one’s concentration while simultaneously ridding stress-provoked thoughts.  My favorite tools to use for meditation are guided meditations on YouTube, specifically those led by “The Honest Guys,” and an app called Headspace.


2. Treat Yo Self with a Face Mask

There’s nothing better than putting on a face mask after a long day of hard work, so why not indulge? A good 10-minute face mask not only will take you out of a stressed-out mindset, but also will rejuvenate your complexion (because Lord knows you’ve got some stress breakouts). Close the books, turn on some tunes, light a candle, apply your favorite face mask, and feel the tensions wash away. Once you’re feeling and looking revitalized, studying will never feel so good. My preferred face masks are “1,000 Millihelens” and “Mask of Magnaminty” from Lush, but you do you -- that’s the fun in treating yo self.


3. Read Something You Actually Enjoy

To the students who have a hard time returning to the textbooks after a mentally-detaching break, this one’s for you. Keep your mind up-and-running during your break by entering a new world, one just beyond the pages of a novel. There are few things you could look forward to more in a break than leaving your studies behind and finding yourself walking the corridors of Hogwarts alongside Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Filling break time between studying with a good read can be an exciting way to keep your brain awake, busily working until the time comes again to find out what happens next in your book.