I am in an "easy" major

One of the things that I struggle with is people saying that I have an “easy” major. 


I am a journalism major which means that my life revolves around papers and projects and the occasional test. It’s not a stem based major. It isn’t something like accounting that involves math. It’s journalism. Over my time in college, I’ve had people say that my major isn’t hard. That when I am studying or work on things it’s not as big of a deal. 


Each time something like this is said, the uglier side of me lashes out. I have said some things that may not be very nice. 


I know I am not alone in having people say things about my major, but I take the work that I do very seriously. I am a journalism major because it allows me to explore other topics that I normally wouldn’t have a chance to learn about. I am a journalism major because it allows me to write and open myself up. I am a journalism major because it is something that takes practice to become better at working again and again and again. 


There is value in all majors. There is value in anything that you want to pursue. A major isn’t something that defines you for the rest of your life even though it may seem super important in college. No, who you are is more important. How much work you put into things and the level of dedication to a project.