How to Treat Yourself Like a Halloween Queen or King

As Halloween draws closer I would like to introduce this as a time to mentally relax in order to truly get the most out of this spooky season. Midterms were tough and the stress from them really makes it hard to relax and get into the Halloween spirit, so I have compiled a list of relaxing and spooky things to ease your mind.

  1. 1. Watch a Halloween Movie

    I don’t know about you guys, but getting involved in a movie like Hocus Pocus really helps take my mind off of things. Watching it on the couch snuggling up with your favorite person, blanket, or pet makes it 100X better.

  2. 2. Make S'mores

    You don’t need a fire to make this delicious treat. You can simply place one marshmallow and one square of chocolate on two face up graham cracker squares, microwave it for around 20 seconds (play around with the time as needed) and BOOM! Quick and easy s’mores.

  3. 3. Take a Hot Bath with a Fall-Scented Soap

    Nothing gets you in the spooky mood more than surrounding yourself with the smell of fall, and nothing relaxes you more than a long soak. For the ultimate relaxing night, do this entire list in one night starting with the bath.

S’mores Recipe: Adapted from the Honey Maid Graham Cracker recipe and personal trial and error