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Confessional of an On-To-Off Campus Transition

By Ella McIlvain

I am currently a freshman at the University of Mississippi, and as such my freshman peers and I are required to live on campus. I’m pretty sure this is a commonality among most universities. It has definitely got its benefits for helping freshman have a comfortable and easy experience by having them on campus making them right at school.

I am loving my freshman living experience thus far despite the inevitable old fashioned slightly grubby dorm scene. You will make it through and it’s all a part of the quintessential college experience roughing it in the dorms. It has been such a great time one due to the close proximity to campus and all the fellow freshman in close quarters with you gives you a sense of ease and community on campus.

Now at most universities I feel as though as a freshman and sophomore you live on campus for the most part; however, at The University of Mississippi for us as we transition to our sophomore year, we pretty much all up and get off campus to live. Now I signed my lease and chose my house the other day and let me tell you it is weird and scary you feel real adult and its legit.

I am torn on my feelings of living off campus as a sophomore it’s obviously exciting to get your own place with your friends and be out on your own a bit more; however, I do fear the level of ease of walking out of my dorm and being right there by all my classes and things is going to be gone.

To me the whole “walk out of dorm to class and campus” is the college idea for me and so I can’t help but feel that moving off and having to drive to campus next year will take away some of that and make it seem I’m like about out and done with school feeling all adultish when I’m only but a sophomore. Now don’t get me wrong, I am excited about where I’m living next year! it’s so cute and in an awesome location. I’m living with some sorority sisters of mine and yet I feel I’m growing up and out one year of college already down closer to adulthood. Maybe it’s just part of not wanting to give up the excitement and innocence of freshman year.

Just some thoughts!


A nostalgic freshman, who doesn’t want to grow up and out

HC Ole Miss
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