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by Emily Phifer

Being a college student, I am no stranger to feeling completely overwhelmed. Also trying to navigate a mix of in person and online classes during a pandemic does not help the situation at all. Some days even the smallest tasks can make me feel utterly swamped with work. But through the years I have gathered some strategies that I use to get my mind clear and motivation going.

Write down whatever is going through your head.

When I am usually feeling overwhelmed, I have a lot going through my brain. Some stuff I am honestly not even aware of in the moment. Taking the time to write down whatever I am feeling, to not feel like my brain is running a mile a minute takes a huge weight off my shoulders.

Make a to do list.

This goes along with the first tip. When you have a lot to do, writing it down and seeing it on paper helps you plan it out. When you are thinking about all of the due dates and events you have coming up, it tends to feel like you have a lot more than you really do. Writing these things down and prioritizing what needs to get done first can really give you a clearer perspective.

Plan some self care time.

We all need self care every once in a while. Without a day or even just a few moments to breathe, collect yourself, and do something you enjoy, you’re not going to feel as relaxed as you could be. Self care is as simple as listening to some music, doing your hair, watching a movie, painting your nails, or whatever you enjoy doing. It does not have to be an elaborate spa day to be considered self care. Plus, I have found that whenever I give myself moments to do something that I enjoy, I end up feeling more energetic when it is time to start working again.

Do that thing you have been pushing off.

Personally, I am prone to working things up in my mind. A lot. So when it comes to certain assignments or random jobs I need to work on, I push it off because it seems like such a big thing I have to tackle. Nine times out of ten, it takes me about five minutes to complete said thing. Once I have finished it though, I feel so much better. So anytime I get overwhelmed I always tell myself that whatever I am pushing off can't be as bad as I am making it out to be.

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