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How to improve your mental health through staying active in 2020!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.

    We all know that everyone’s big New Years’ resolution is to get fit, go to the gym more or stay healthy, but most of the time it doesn’t last very long for most, including myself. Last year I tried to be better in my mental health, but I felt like something was missing from that. I soon realized that it was being active. The truth is, how active you are can seriously affect your mental health. That’s why this year, I decided to not make it a “resolution” but a goal to be a little more active and healthy to help with how I felt.      As I started this journey, I felt like I wouldn’t have the time or I would be “too tired,” but as I really pushed through for the first two weeks to make it a point to find time in the day to work out (even just at home), it soon became a habit and even something I now look forward too. When I found myself just laying around after class, eating because I was bored, or scrolling through Instagram in-between classes, I decided to fill those times with a small workout and work my way up. It started as just 30 mins a day which turned into an hour a day, which I realized “I have at least an hour a day to commit myself to my mind and body so why wouldn’t I ?”      A lot of people (like myself) are pretty scared of the gym or working out for many reasons. My reasons were “what if people laugh at me because I don’t know what I’m doing” or “working out is a lot, I don’t want to lift weights and run 6 miles!” I fought those fears by starting at home with small workouts in my room and soon made it to the gym once I realized that I was doing this for me and nobody else so who cares what people think? I also found out that being active doesn’t mean you have to lift, squat your body weight or run 6 miles. Being active can just be walking on the treadmill, going to yoga, walking the stair climber, and other small easy workouts.      When your body is healthy and you have something to look forward to that you’re doing all for yourself, your mental health improves amazingly with time. I encourage everyone to start small to take care of yourself because after all, nothing is more important than how you feel about you!!


Noah Ratliff

OK State '22

Freshman multimedia journalism major