HC Poetry: The Way She Carries

As senior year has begun, I've had to take time to acknowledge how I am and what it means to take care of myself. It has been a messy journey of finally reaching out for help about anxiety and allowing my friends to care and love me where I am. As I sat, thinking about who I want to be and who I am right now, I wrote this.



The Way She Carries by Savanna Waddle


i stand,

to make them notice me.

to recognize my space

words demanded to be heard,

yet inside

my mind swirls,

i shut down 

what she’s trying to say

about what we need,

she whispers “we’re not okay”

and my screams grow

as i yell at the world

and what it’s done to me,

but the cries i throw at the wind,

flow into me

i’ve internalized

the hatred of what has happened

and i blame my body

for the way she carries

it all