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Why I Won’t Do A Juice Cleanse Again

People talk highly of juicing cleanses, stating that they are one of the best ways to lose weight while still enjoying flavorful drinks and getting the nutrients you need to stay healthy. However, many people don’t take into consideration the damage it can cause your body and the fact that it doesn’t have long lasting results.This is my three day juice cleanse experience. 

Day 1

The first morning I woke up excited to drink sweet drinks and enjoy them while sitting outside with my friends during the nice and unexpected, spring weather. After a few drinks, I didn’t have any excitement to continue drinking my fruits and veggies, but craved wings. I could feel my stomach churning and not much longer I was faced with lots of uneasy cramps in my stomach. I could feel my body becoming bloated and filled with excess gas. Although I knew my body was trying release the toxins stored inside, it was unpleasant and turned me off from the experience of becoming healthy.

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Day 2

No longer was there an uneasy feeling in my stomach and the cravings were limited this day. I felt much lighter, as I had no solid foods in my system from the day before. I could tell I was losing a lot of water weight, but that’s the only main difference I noticed on the second day.


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Day 3

Nope. I was dead. I woke up with limited energy and the need for solid and sugary foods to boost my mood and my energy levels. I no longer felt super light, but instead felt bloated. It was weird. I thought I’d notice this wonderful difference and see my abs (which on days when I eat well are noticeable) but I could not. Instead I felt like the depth of my muscles in my stomach were gone. My arms and legs felt skinnier and lighter surprisingly, but that was probably water weight.

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Overall, it was a good experience to say I did it, but not much else. In no way do I advise jumping into this diet unless you have free time to camp out on your toilet and don’t want lasting results. In fact, a better idea would be to add the juice and smoothies to your diet instead of messing up your stomach and feeling like a zombie by the third day. Unfortunately, water weight returns rapidly and makes you feel like all your hard work was for nothing after a meal or two. But kudos to anyone who is capable of maintaining this healthy lifestyle all the time – it was not for me.

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