Three Ways to Relieve Stress

Original article by Marechan Burrows.

So, it’s week four and already you’re feeling as if there’s no way you can continue. Clubs, homework, exams, friends - it all just seems to never end! A recent article published by NBC News on June 28th, 2017, showed that as of today, more than 75% of mental health conditions are starting before the age of 24. These illnesses have a similar factor of being influenced by stress (which is kind of stressful just thinking about it). Doctors and medical personnel are now urging people everywhere to try and lower their stress levels. To help with the cause, I decided to list three things that I found beneficial in helping me to relieve stress (and hopefully, you too).

1.    Yoga!

Okay, so while it can seem a little complicated to follow, it’s not that hard once you start. Not only is yoga positive for the body, it also helps your mind through controlled breathing exercises as well as meditation which helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate which in return, lowers stress. So, grab a mat and a friend after a long day of classes and head to Ping for an evening of yoga stress relief.

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2. Play your favorite song

The next time you feel overwhelmed, take a break to listen to your favorite song. Music has been proven to create an extremely relaxing effect on our mind, which helps us to forget about our stressful problems at the time (shout out to all the classical music buffs, as this type of music has been proven to be extremely soothing).

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3. Take a walk

 A swift walk through your dorm hallway, or even inside your dorm room could help boost endorphins which aid in reducing stress hormones as well as mild depression. It can also can help to improve self-esteem!

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