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It’s that time of year again. The semester is halfway over, finals are around the corner, and that pile of work that needs to get done is starting to take over your room. It’s not healthy to build up large amounts of stress, but just how should you deal with it? Here are some friendly tips to help feel more relaxed.

According to Mayo Clinic’s site, exercising is one sure way to pump up endorphins, resulting in a feel-good attitude. Whether it’s simply walking in the park or jogging, any form of physical activity will help. It’s also proven that exercise improves your mood, giving you more self-confidence, and even improved sleep patterns.

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Be sure to keep a positive attitude! Sometimes difficulties and stress can knock you down. It’s important to always get back up and retain a positive outlook and attitude. Try to think of all the goodness in your life and keep things in perspective. Your attitude can affect your emotional and physical well-being.

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Take some leisure time. Every minute of the day can seem like it’s devoted to work, but make sure to leave some room for fun. Relax with a good book, watch a half-hour of TV or get together with friends! Be sure to set aside some time to rest, be around others, and take care of yourself. Even laughter is said to help fight off stress.

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In order to cope better with stress, our bodies need nourishment. Remember to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to eat right. With the warmer weather approaching, take some fresh grapes and a cold glass of water with you outside. In order to keep your energy up, don’t forget to start your day with a well-balanced breakfast.

As soon as school started, it was as if sleep became something of the past. It may be difficult, but really try to get adequate amounts of sleep. Our bodies need sleep in order to fuel our minds. Lack of sleep can cause more stress and even make us think irrationally.

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Try to make a list of everything that needs to get done and schedule out the day. Writing each task down will help with time management. Also, be sure to cross things off as you go. This can help you feel more accomplished and relaxed.

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Don’t forget to breathe! As stress builds, our heart rates and blood pressures rise. Try to sit up straight, close your eyes and take a few, deep breathes.

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Find your favorite playlist, turn up the volume, and unwind with some tunes! Music can be used to help blow off some steam and/or relax the body. It’s reported that soothing music can also lower blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety.

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