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How Blogilates changed my life

When I started Blogilates a year ago, I was extremely excited. I had finally found an exercise plan that was fun. But I jumped into the advanced workouts too early, and quickly gave up.
On top of not exercising, I ate as much as I wanted of whatever I wanted. The dining halls became a dangerous place, because I would eat endless amounts of pizza, pasta and chicken tenders. After my first year in college, I had gained almost 25 pounds. 
25 pounds! In one year! I started my sophomore year in a horrible state of mind. I hated my body and myself, but I continued to eat complete junk and never exercised. I avoided hills and stairs as much as possible. It was becoming a serious issue. 
I soon noticed that my hands and feet would go numb constantly. I had no energy and wanted to sleep all of the time. I talked to my mom and realized that I could have some serious health issues because of my habits. I decided it was time to make a change. 
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Instead of trying to do exercises that were too advanced for me, I chose to start out with the Beginner’s Workout Calendar on blogilates.com. Each day was around 30 minutes of workouts, and instructor Cassey Ho explained how the body should be moving and how to breathe properly.
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I could feel myself getting stronger each day. To fuel my workouts, I also completely changed my eating habits. I fell in love with veggie burgers. I learned to eat salads with more vegetables and no dressing. I stopped drinking pop, and started drinking water, unsweetened tea, and black coffee. On the occasion that I would go to Chipotle, I stopped getting a burrito (the tortilla is not good for your body!) and got a bowl, and I cut out all of the cheese and sour cream (yes, I’ve been told I am crazy). 
Along with my daily Blogilates videos, I also have incorporated yoga into my routine. There is nothing like starting out your workout with Pilates and ending with yoga. It makes you feel refreshed and strong.
To date, I have lost a little over 15 pounds. Honestly, I care less about my weight and more about how I feel…and I feel amazing. I choose to take the hills and stairs. I am not out of breath when I walk to my classes. My pants are too big. 
Sometimes it seems as though you aren’t supposed to love yourself. It’s considered cocky if you brag about yourself. Well, I do love myself, and I think I’m beautiful and strong, and I honestly hope more people feel the same way. 
Cassey Ho and her crazy POP Pilates exercises have changed my life in the best way.
Visit the website: blogilates.com and follow Cassey Ho @Blogilates on Twitter and Instagram!
Paige is a student studying Journalism, Social Media, and Women's Studies at Ohio University. She is actively involved with Her Campus Ohio U and Thread Magazine. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @paige__rochelle (two underscores!)
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