5 Vegan Foods to Eat When You’re Craving Non-Vegan Foods

Go back to my previous veganism post and you’ll see that I’ve already made great strides at improving my diet, my health and personal levels of happiness. This transition definitely took a lot out of me, as I knew I had no choice but to give up my favorite foods: pizza, ice cream and, of course, mac and cheese. Fast-forward five weeks (since making the switch) in time, and I’ve somehow managed my occasional cheesy (or meaty) cravings. If you are also looking to become a vegan, then here are a couple of foods to help you manage any non-vegan craving:

1. If you’re craving mac and cheese, try vegan mac and cheese.

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Yes, you totally just read that correctly! While I definitely miss my mother’s world famous homemade baked mac and cheese, I have to say vegan mac will just be as great. You can literally find dozens of recipes that do a spot-on impression of your favorite comfort food. Many of these recipes include use of a few cashews, paprika, carrots, onions, potatoes, salt, pepper and, of course, some glorious pasta.


2. When you want frozen yogurt or ice cream, try nibbling on some frozen mango bites.

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Ice cream was one of my absolute guiltiest pleasures as a non-vegan -- I sort of had the mindset to just eat more, more and more. Now that dairy isn’t an option for me anymore, it’s hard to find affordable ice creams and frozen yogurts that are free of dairy. Nowadays, I love to nibble on some frozen mango bites while I sit and watch pug videos on YouTube. I know that it sounds crazy to do that, but these frozen treats taste a lot more like fro-yo than you think. Better yet, you’ll get your vitamin A fix for the day while enjoying a tasty dessert eating these!


3. If you’re about to order a pizza, try a toasted tomato sammie.

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Pizza is a food that is near and dear to most of our hearts, but it’s also a leading cause of guilt. When you’re about to place an order on your phone, you can actually save time and pop two slices of wheat bread in the toaster, slide in a few tomato slices and add salt and pepper to taste. A quick meal like this is a great way to energize for any workout later in the day or pack up to eat between classes. Trust me, this is one of my favorite sandwiches, like, ever!


4. If you’re missing buff chick dip, try spicy guacamole.

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Even though these dips are two completely different colors, they have a lot in common: they’re both simultaneously creamy and spicy and another trait they share is that they’re chip-friendly. To make spicy guac all you’ll need are a few avocados, a splash of lemon juice, some onion, and a bit of hot sauce (any kind). Super Bowl Sunday’s fave dip, on the other hand, requires slow cooking, tubs of cream cheese, more cheese and half of an afternoon to make! (No thank you!)


5. If you must have an Oreo cookie, try Oreo cookies!

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OK, you aren’t going to lose everything you once had just because of your dairy issues or love for animals. There are those rare foods that everybody eats, and that nobody knows are vegan, like Oreo cookies! Even though they hold the prestigious title of ‘Milk’s Favorite Cookie,’ the stuffed center may as well be soymilk’s fave, too, because these cookies are made entirely from plants.

Fun fact: I managed to scarf down a few myself while completing this very blog! 

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Main photo: paleodesserts.com