4 Easy Ways To Survive The End Of The Semester

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Coming back to school after spring break, it can be hard to find the motivation to survive the last half of the semester. Not only can school be hard during this time, but your lifestyle and wellbeing might also be changing after a break from your normal routine at school. Here are four tips to get you through the rest of the semester, while thriving in your own personal life: 

  1. white paper with letters "love letters"

    One of my favorite things to do after coming back to school from a break is to send a card to friends and family to show my appreciation. It's also a great way to show how thankful you are for having their support (and you'll likely get a card in return!). Hallmark Good Mail cards are always my go-to for being so easy and inexpensive while having adorable designs perfect to show how much you care for someone.

  2. Making sure I'm healthy while at school is a huge priority of mine. One of my favorite savers is Azo Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotic that restores the natural balance of good bacteria and yeast while maintaining a healthy pH. This feminine solution has even been clinically shown to work in 7 days!

  3. woman getting a spa day face mask

    Perfect for all things skin, First Aid Beauty has you covered with their products. Their Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration is the solution to dry, distressed skin, even Eczema this winter season. It's safe for sensitive skin, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and non-toxic. Their Face Cleanser is a fragrance-free cleanser to assist with dryness and redness, made for balanced, dry, oily and combination skin types. Lastly, their Hello Fab Coconut Smoothie Priming Moisturizer is a great, simple first step in your routine to brighten, hydrate and smooth all in one product.

  4. 4. DivaCup

    The last tip to finish the semester strong is to revolutionize your period while being eco-friendly. The DivaCup is a convenient and reusable menstrual cup that's not only comfortable but worry-free. Just one DivaCup replaces 240 disposable menstrual products and approximately 250-350 pounds of disposable waste in a lifetime so it can be used without concern for the environment!