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3 Tips To Be Successful During An Online Semester

  I'm sure I’m not alone in feeling like online school is way more challenging, overwhelming, and anxiety-inducing than in-person school. But as a sophomore who has had three of my four semesters take place remotely, I’ve become somewhat of a pro at handling online school. Okay, maybe not necessarily a pro, but what I have done is come up with ways that make it a bit less intimidating and in my control as much as possible. Here are my tips and tricks for a successful online semester, from home or from campus! 

Get yourself a planner

 I was one of those people in high school who never used a planner after the first week of school but trust me, planners are a game-changer in college. Go to Target, get yourself a cute planner and start filling it out. The college schedule is NOT like high school, you have certain classes on certain days at certain times and it is HARD to keep track of everything. At the beginning of the semester, I go class by class and write down every assignment and its due date in my planner. Yes, it does take a while, but it is absolutely worth it. That way at the start of each week I can look at my planner, see what I have to do, and be able to work ahead if I have time or I can just keep pace with the class. Trust me, you will be thanking yourself halfway through the semester for having it all written down. My planner is like my school bible during the semester.

Communicate with your professors

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your professors if you have questions. This is mainly a tip for freshman, but really for anyone! During my first semester, I was so intimidated by my professors and it took me months to work up the courage to ask questions. They are here to help you! I have only had positive experiences when interacting with my professors, and they are more likely to help you in the future if they know you are invested in the class. I have also noticed they are more understanding because online school and technology are both so tricky. 

Take some time for yourself

Online school is extremely draining and stressful but be sure to do at least one thing each day for YOU. Put away all of your school stuff and do something that makes you happy. Whether that be watching an episode of your favorite show between homework assignments, reading a few pages of a book, or scrolling on TikTok for 20 minutes, your brain needs a break! Your mental health is super important. Trust me, that homework assignment will still be there in half an hour.

Lindsey Osterfeld is currently a junior studying journalism, strategic communication, at Ohio University and adding a social media certificate. She is also the Twitter Manager for Ohio U's chapter of Her Campus. When she is not writing or studying, she can be found watching TV shows like Friends and One Tree Hill, and spending time with her friends and family.
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