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Things You Need When Living in the Village at ODU

The new school year is upon us, ladies and gentlemen, and with the new school year brings the need for new things. Such things are new clothes, new makeup, new pens, new notebooks, and for some of you, new household items. If you were able to snag a room of high-demand in the University Village Apartments then you are one of the fortunate individuals who needs to upgrade their household items from dorm living to apartment living.


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Trash cans

In the village you are only provided with one small recycling bin, the rest is up to you. You may not realize it, but since you know have a kitchen and wanting to cook, you’re gonna want to have a kitchen trash can. Nothing is worse than having a plastic shopping bag on the floor of your kitchen due to it being an eyesore and the smell it can produce from old remnants of food being exposed to the open air. Don’t forget one for your room and one for the bathroom as well.


Kitchen Utensils, Plates and Bowls

Even if you don’t plan on cooking, you’re probably going to want to have your own silverware, plates and bowls. Not only can you reduce plastic waste by not grabbing a fork at canes, but sometimes it’s nice to not have to eat out of a plastic container. This is going to make more sense to have with you in the Village than it would have in the dorms because you’ll actually be using them.


Pots and Pans

If you do plan on cooking, make sure you supply your own pots and pans. Don’t rely on your roommates for these things because, first of all, you don’t know if they will want to share. Keep in mind to bring only what you need for your normal diet and leave the Crepe pan at home. It’s best not to take up too much cabinet space with things you don’t need and it will help the move-in and move-out process be a lot lighter in the long run.


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Sponge and Dish Soap

Although the apartments do have dishwashers, it’s important to still have a sponge and some dish soap. Both of these can easily be picked up at the POD on Monarch Way, but each is a necessity. Dishwashers can take a long time to fill up in order to run it without wasting water and dishwashing soap on a few plates and spoons.  


Dish Drying Mat

After you hand wash your things, you’re going to need a place to set them down. A dish towel can be used, but a drying mat is better. You can purchase them at any grocery store, Target or Walmart. Your dishware can dry perfectly on the mat, and when they’re done, the mat is easy to store away. They are able to be washed in the washing machine when it’s time to clean them.


Clothes Drying Rack

You may of had one in the dorms, but a drying rack is absolutely essential to have in the Village. A lot of our favorites pieces of clothing should be hung dry instead of dried using the dryer, and in the village you actually have space to let your clothes do that. You can set it up in the bathroom or common room, and there won’t be much space taken up because of the size of the apartments. Now you can actually take care of your clothes properly.


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Some of these items you should definitely supply yourself, while others you should discuss with your roommates on what each of you should provide for your shared living space. Remember to have fun in your new Village Apartment!


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