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We’ve only had a week of classes, but let’s be real. You might already be stressed from the workload you’re going to have to face as the semester goes on. If you’re not already stressed, you probably will be later in the semester. It’s not good to be stressed, so we’ve got some ways to help you de-stress before you find yourself stress eating over the 10-page paper you already have due.

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Go for a walk.

Sometimes just walking away from the assignment and going out for a walk can clear your mind. Plus, getting a little fresh air isn’t too bad either. Just make sure you’re careful when you go out for your walk and be aware of your surroundings. If you can, make sure you tell someone else you’re going for a walk in case something does happen. Just because you’re stressed doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be safe.

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Do something else.

Play a game, draw, paint, write a poem or a story, watch a few episodes of a TV show (or a whole season), or just anything that’ll take you away from that assignment for a little while. You should to be careful to not get too absorbed in what you’re distracting yourself with so you don’t lose track of time and forget all about your assignment (especially if you’ve put it off until the last minute). Whatever you decide to do, it should be something that won’t make you any more stressed or frustrated than you already are. You’re looking to relieve stress, not add more of it.

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Go to the gym.

A little run or some yoga can help release some of the stress you’re feeling from your assignments. The SRC is free to all ODU students, and it’s open late too. There’s also a fitness center in the University Village in case you don’t want to walk all the way over to the SRC.

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Hang out with friends.

If your friends have been asking you to go out with them, just go spend a few hours with them. There’s nothing wrong with taking a little bit of a break from your assignment to spend some time with your friends. Even if it’s something as simple as going out for dinner, a little bit of time with your friends could help give you the boost you need to finish an assignment.

Sometimes it’s best to just step away from your assignment for a little while. It’s better to work on an assignment when you’re not stressed out about it because it’ll come out a lot better if you do. Besides, coming back to your assignment with a fresh outlook might actually help you out in the long run, especially if you’re stuck and don’t know what to do next.

Audra is a senior studying English with a concentration in journalism and double minoring in international studies and communications. In addition to her work with Her Campus, she also writes for ODU's newspaper, the Mace and Crown, and she's a brother of Phi Sigma Pi. When Audra isn't writing for Her Campus or the Mace and Crown, she's playing video games, reading a book or sleeping. Her favorite animal is a cat, and she really enjoys cat videos.
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