How To Get Over Heartbreak

At some point in our lives, we all experience heartbreak - it is an inevitable and necessary part of the human experience and the inspiration behind so many Taylor Swift songs. Heartbreaks can be extremely painful and hard to get through, but it is often crucial for human growth.

It is so easy to fall in love, but so difficult to cope with falling out of it. Although there is no way to escape the heartache entirely, learning to properly address your emotional pain makes it easier to process it in a healthy way.

Here are some helpful ways to help you get over your heartbreak:

1. Avoid social media

Recovering from a heartbreak can be like recovering from an addiction. Each time you stalk your ex on social media, you are just getting your fix. If you need to, unfollow or block the profile you are trying to avoid. It may sound simple, but it is easier said than done. Stalking your ex on social media prolongs the attachment you have to that person. This is an essential step in letting go and moving on.

2. Fall in love with yourself

During the relationship, you grew to accommodate that person in your life as a priority. Now, take the time to rediscover yourself outside of this relationship. Be comfortable doing things alone and get out of your comfort zone! Go watch a movie alone or take yourself on a sushi date. Making a list of things you are grateful for and love about yourself can also be helpful. Even something small like “I like my handwriting” or “I like how I always hold open doors for strangers” will remind you there is so much in you to be content with.

3. Pick up a new hobby

Sometimes we like to torture ourselves by sitting alone and reliving the memories with an ex. While it is important to give yourself time to grief your relationship and be sad, doing this too much is only going to deepen the emotional pain. Distract yourself with things you enjoy doing! Hobbies will bring new challenges and an intense focus. Learn a new language, start doing yoga or cooking for yourself. Hobbies will ultimately increase your overall well-being by accomplishing the small goals you set for yourself.

4. Practice Mindfulness

Be present. You need to stop thinking about how amazing you felt when your ex surprised you for your birthday. This is only making the loss harder for yourself. Instead try to practice mindfulness and actively cultivate your consciousness, attention and awareness.. Find things in your life that you are grateful for everyday! The practice of gratitude is clinically proven to lower stress levels, increase emotional regulation and overall wellbeing.

At the end of the day, your life will go on and you will be okay! Right now, it might feel like you'll never get over this one person, but time (and healthy coping mechanisms) heals all wounds. Focus on yourself and the rest will happen naturally!

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