The Best Gluten Free Restaurants in NYC

As people become more interested in living healthy lifestyles, they are also figuring out their food intolerances and as a result, are cutting certain foods out to better themselves. Coeliac disease and gluten intolerance are two of the most prominent intolerances that can affect a person’s overall health, and without legitimate blood tests, they are very hard to detect.

New York is replete with a colorful variety of delicious foods that students are dying to try. However, most of them contain large amounts of gluten that can pose a problem for those who are gluten intolerant or Coeliac. Luckily, New York also has some great spots to get the same great quality food, in all their gluten-free forms! Check out these picks below.


1. Del Posto

Del Posto is praised as the best gluten-free Italian restaurant in the city. It’s upscale and is located in the heart of the meatpacking district. The former executive Chef, Mark Ladner, wanted to incorporate all food intolerances into his menu, and he created what is known as a “superlative gluten-free program.” Fresh, handmade pastas are cooked al dente style in a range of forms, including charred lamb sausage orecchiete, pecorino frico, sheep’s milk ricotta and even the finest truffle oil.



2. By Chloe

By Chloe is a staple for most vegans around downtown Manhattan. What makes it even more flexible is that everything on their menu can be altered to gluten free, for just a small extra charge. Recommendations include their vegan and gluten free sweet potato mac and cheese, along with their pomegranate avocado toast. You can even head next door to their dessert shop, “Sweets By Chloe” for vegan and gluten free pastries that taste just as good as the original.


3. Hu Kitchen

Hu Kitchen, the trendy cafeteria-style restaurant located on Third Avenue has a mission of promoting food with minimal grains. Their menu follows an all Paleo diet, which means that along with not having gluten or wheat in their foods, they also try their best to limit their sugar content to almost zero. This means that all their foods have natural sugars from fruits and vegetables. Some of their famous dishes included chicken tenders, cauliflower rice and meatloaf!


4. Senza Gluten


Senza Gluten is the first all gluten-free Italian restaurant in the Greenwich Village. Penne pomodoro and lasagna noodles are served with buffalo mozzarella for dinner, and gluten-free baguette-like and brioche sandwiches are offered for lunch. Don’t miss out to grab a quick bite between classes!


5. The Little Beet Table


Diners are a classic American staple, and The Little Beet Table on Park Avenue South offers comfort food to the max, with a gluten free twist. This Kips Bay spot offers dishes such as a herb roasted chicken and cucumber gazpacho, along with charred broccoli for a delicious wholesome meal.



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