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8 Workout Classes in NYC for Non-Runners

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NYU chapter.

If you’re anything like me, running is not your thing. Public school P.E. has left us with memories no one wants to remember. And sometimes, we need to break a sweat in a way hot girl walks just can’t provide. 

More and more companies are developing fun and accessible classes, and lucky for us, a lot of them were designed for my fellow non-runners. Read on for a list of eight of the best workout classes in NYC, brought to you by students at NYU. 


Barre3 is a combination of cardio and strength training, with a hint of mental wellness. “I love the supportive and personalized environment that Barre3 cultivates,” said NYU junior Caroline Zager. The classes offer a “challenging and holistic” hour of conditioning, she continued. “Although there is only one class level, the instructors provide modifications and encourage people to make adjustments based on their fitness level and goals.” In addition to the convenient West Village location, Barre3 has online classes for its members, so you can continue the high-level fitness from your home (or your dorm).


Cyclebar is one of my favorite classes I’ve found in NYC. Though it’s intense, the music and environment the company provides makes it an inviting place for anyone. If you’re new to indoor cycling, Cyclebar is a great place to start. Classes range from “Classic,” “Connect” and “Performance.” “Classic” is pretty self-explanatory — you get the traditional cycling experience with a bit of an upper body workout. For “Connect” rides, they turn off the monitors and turn on fun lights so riders can “connect” with the music and not worry about their stats. “Performance” rides are for competitive cyclists. They offer challenges and give you a chance to compete with fellow riders. 

305 Fitness

If you are a dancer, or you’re looking for a fun, new way to burn some calories, 305 Fitness is for you. This dance fitness studio makes working out feel like a party. “The workout is mainly cardio dance,” said NYU senior Kate Carey, “but because of the dance moves, live DJ and club lighting, the class feels like it goes by so quick.” Carey also said 305 Fitness offers an inviting and friendly atmosphere and is definitely suitable for beginners. “I highly recommend going with a friend or a few friends because it’s fun to dance together,” Carey continued. “A group of my friends went on someone’s birthday, and it was perfect for that, too, because the whole class celebrated throughout.”

Grit Boxing

Boxing workouts are all the rage in the city. According to NYU junior Eden Franco, Grit Boxing on 16th St. near Union Square is the way to go. “I love these workouts because they are high energy and can be done at really any level,” Franco said. “The coaches are super encouraging, and the other participants are always really kind.” On top of the welcoming environment Grit provides, they offer lots of ways to get your sweat running. While there is a treadmill section, participants are welcome to walk instead of jog, and you can modify the number of reps in the weight room. “Grit is all about building up strength,” Franco said, “and it takes time to do that.” The classes are suitable for beginners, and they offer rewards and “themed” days — Franco went on a “Taco Tuesday” and was served tacos after the class. 

New York Pilates

New York Pilates is a leading company in pilates classes, and there are several locations around all areas of campus: Flatiron, West Village, Bowery and SoHo. NYU junior Anya Reddy frequents the SoHo location, which she loves for its small, intimate studio that’s always super clean. Another reason she loves NY Pilates: the participants are often all women. “I feel like it can be intimidating when there’s men in a workout class,” Reddy said. “So I like that I’ve always taken classes with only women.” She said that she would recommend the classes for beginners, even if it feels intimidating. 


If you’re a student at NYU, you definitely have walked by Rumble Boxing’s location on Broadway. Another class recommended by Anya Reddy, Rumble provides a mix of boxing and HIIT — high intensity interval training. “I like Rumble Boxing because there’s a super inclusive environment,” Reddy said. “The teachers really want you to feel good after the class.” While the Broadway location is Reddy’s favorite, there are more locations throughout the city and in Brooklyn. If you’re new to Rumble or boxing fitness, Reddy said the weekday classes tend to be a bit more “laid-back” than the weekend classes, but it also really depends on the instructor. 


Soulcycle has made a splash in NYC with 13 locations in the city, plus two more in Brooklyn. The intense indoor cycling studio, owned by Equinox, is similar to CycleBar in that it combines fun music and rigorous cycling with a small upper body workout within. “The first couple of times, you will be sore,” says NYU junior Deanna Uddin, who frequents the SoHo location. “Once you get consistent with the classes, it gets easier every time.” SoulCycle also provides a chance to modify the workout based on your abilities and is suitable for beginners. Plus, they have discounts for students!

St. Marks Yoga

St. Marks Yoga is a perfect yoga studio for students. Classes are only $10, and they have one location in a perfect spot close to central campus as well as Cooper Union and the New School. Senior at NYU, Nour Habbash, loves St. Marks Yoga because the class is a perfect balance of challenging and relaxing, and the instructors are very supportive and kind. “It’s very much a ‘take what you need’ space,” said Habbash. “The music is always nice, and it’s always a calming and safe place to try new poses and challenges yourself.” St. Marks Yoga is extremely beginner friendly, and they offer many classes throughout the week and weekends. 

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